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World Boxing Federation People: Zbigniew Lagosz
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FEATURE   Photo: World Boxing Federation (WBF) Championship Committee member Zbigniew Lagosz from Poland.

As is the case with any organization, effective and professional team-work behind the scenes is necessary to make the World Boxing Federation (WBF) run as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, the WBF has been able to attract a line-up of very astute boxing personalities to make sure of this.

Most people will agree that boxing should mainly be about the boxers. They deserve the spotlight and the accolades more than anyone, but it is still a fact that the sport needs qualified and capable people working behind the scenes to make things happen.

In the WBF People feature-series, we try to shed some light on the men and women who makes the World Boxing Federation what it is. Next up is WBF Championship Committee Member Dr. Zbigniew Lagosz from Poland. 


42-year-old Zbigniew Lagosz is a former Polish national Kickboxing Champion. He never boxed competitively in the traditional sense, but his fighting idol was always a traditional boxer: The one and only Mike Tyson.

Originally from the city Gorzów Wielkopolski in Western Poland, he now lives in Krakow in the southern part with wife Magdalena and daughter Emilia.

It is probably safe to say, he is not your typical boxing-person.

Highly educated, he is a graduate of Krakow´s AGH University of Science and Technology with a Ph.d. in religious studies, and also the author of several books and numerous articles on various subjects within his field.

In addition to working with academic research, Lagosz also works in construction and was heavily involved in the building of two out of three total Ski Jumping hills in Poland.

Interesting and impressive as that may be, when it comes to sports, fighting is more to his liking.

Besides his background in Kickboxing, Lagosz started operating as an amateur boxing-judge at a very early age, still in his teens.

In 2000, still only twenty-four, he obtained licenses with the national federation in Poland to work as a professional judge and referee.

In 2009 he joined the World Boxing Federation (WBF) when it was re-established after some years of inactivity, and has since been an important part of its growth.

Lagosz is not only a member of the WBF Championship Committee, where he gives his input on which boxers can be approved to fight for WBF titles, he also officiates many WBF championship fights around Europe.

Weather it be his work in the committee, at ringside as a judge or supervisor, or in the ring refereeing, he is doing an excellent job in all capacities, and in 2016 he was awarded with WBF Referee of the Year honors.

My favorite thing to do in boxing, is refereeing a world championship fight”, says Lagosz, who has shared a ring with, among many others, Polish icons Andrew Golota and Tomasz Adamek.

As all good officials, he doesn't allow himself to be in awe of the boxers he judge or referee, but that is not to say he hasn't been influenced by major names in the sport:

I look up to the legendary referees, and I have always especially admired American Mills Lane. I have studied him, and tried to learn from what I saw."

Boxing-insiders and fans will know that Mills Lane, famous for his “Lets get it on” catchphrase, for many years was a courtroom judge outside of boxing, and a big advocate for fairness and justice both inside and outside the ring.

Not surprisingly, Lagosz is on the same page as his refereeing-role-model:

In a perfect world I would love to see boxing return to its sports purity”, he says, likely realizing its a fairy-tale dream, as he continues:

Obviously I would like all the dishonesty to go away, such as judges giving decisions to the promoters boxer when its not deserved.”

In the meantime, hoping against hope that his wish for the sport will come true one day, Lagosz continues his quest to do his best for the WBF, while at the same time taking care of his other projects outside of boxing.

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