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World Boxing Federation People: Dr. Adam Balogh
POSTED ON MAY 16, 2018.
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FEATURE   Photo: World Boxing Federation (WBF) Medical Advisor, Dr. Adam Balogh, with WBF President Howard Goldberg.

As is the case with any organization, effective and professional team-work behind the scenes is necessary to make the World Boxing Federation (WBF) run as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, the WBF has been able to attract a line-up of very astute boxing personalities to make sure of this.

Most people will agree that boxing should mainly be about the boxers. They deserve the spotlight and the accolades more than anyone, but it is still a fact that the sport needs qualified and capable people working behind the scenes to make things happen.

In the WBF People feature-series, we try to shed some light on the men and women who makes the World Boxing Federation what it is. Dr. Adam Balogh, the WBF Medical Advisor, takes center stage for the latest edition.


Adam Balogh never boxed himself. In fact, his sport of choice as a youth was fencing.

But at some point he lost interest in fencing, perhaps because, by his own admission, he wasn't very talented.

But he was a big fan of boxing!

Fencing became boring and less spectacular over the years due to many technical developments. You cannot see with normal eyes what is happening", he explains.

But the duel of two gladiators, boxers, fencing with their fists fascinated me when I was young.”

So his background in fencing made him especially admire “fencing boxers” such as Shane Mosley, Istvan Kovacs, Sven Ottke, Zsolt Erdei and Jan Zaveck.

Kovacs and Erdei are from Hungary, the country where Balogh was born in June of 1964.

I was born in Tata, a small town in West Hungary with a German minority. My grandfather was at that time the director of the local hospital, and chief of surgery."

We later moved to Budapest, where I grew up, but I attended elementary school in Utrecht in the Netherlands between 1974 and 1975.”

Grandpa Balogh was also named Adam, as is his son, WBF-Adam´s father, Professor Adam Balogh, who was chief of the surgical university hospital in Szeged before retiring ten years ago.

It was very clearly no coincidence that the third Adam Balogh became a physician. It would have been something of a surprise if he had not:

Both my grandfathers, my father, four of my uncles and seven cousins either are or were also surgeons. So I didn't see any other possible profession for myself when I was a boy.”

My brother, Professor Balasz Balogh is the director of the Academic Searching Institute in Budapest, and the only male member of the family who chose another career.”

But what about WBF-Adam´s mother? Was, or is, she also a physician?

No, she is a retired teacher, top everything off... Adam married a fellow doctor, Ilona, with whom he has three children: Bella (24), Orsi (27), and, that's right...ADAM JR. (30).

That brings the total to FOUR Adam Balogh´s, and SIXTEEN physicians!

A graduate of the University of Budapest, Balogh moved to Germany in 1990, where he has since been chief surgeon of the district hospital in Prignitz.

As a member of the American College of Surgeons, he is also and active consultant on general, visceral and endocrine surgery.

He never lost interest in boxing, as he did with fencing, and he always enjoyed going to big shows as a fan to watch, among others, the aforementioned boxers.

As time went on, he wanted to be closer to the ring to appreciate the fights as much as possible, and what better way than to combine his job as a doctor with his passion for boxing.

So in 2003 he applied for, and was granted, a license to work as a professional ring physician with the German boxing federation.

Seven years later he worked a WBF World Middleweight title fight in Tirana between Kreshnik Qato and Esteban Waldemar Ponce.

While in Albania he had conversations with WBF President Howard Goldberg, who seized the opportunity and asked Balogh to join the WBF as its official Medical Advisor.

It was a great honor for me when Howard told me he wanted me to be the WBF Medical Advisor, so of course I accepted.”

Within the WBF I have met many good people, but especially (Vice President) Jean-Marcel Nartz have taught me a lot about the professional boxing business."

Since taking on the role, Balogh have worked hard to bring the World Boxing Federation to the forefront when it comes to medical and doping rules:

The WBF is the first boxing organization with specifically written medical and doping rules, which all boxers, trainers, managers, promoters etc. have free access to on the internet.”

All ringside physicians read our medical guidelines on the WBF website, because they are very clear and easy to understand.”

Also, I have standardized the medical examination, which explains our doping rules in a simple and clear way.”

But in a rare case of a doping violation it is my job to advise the WBF management on how to handle it, and I hope, and believe, that all I do is contributing to the acceptance and reputation of the WBF.”

There are no two ways about it, the contributions of Dr. Adam Balogh is invaluable to the WBF, and is without a doubt a major part of the reason why the WBF continues to establish itself as one of the most transparent and serious sanctioning bodies.

For that, the World Boxing Federation (WBF) is eternally grateful.

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