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General Medical Guidelines Issued

Posted on August 27 2010                                              Bookmark and Share


Dr. Adam Balogh, the Medical Advisor of the World Boxing Federation, has now published on this website the newly adopted General Medical Guidelines for World Boxing Federation championship contests worldwide. The detailed formulation of these guidelines became part of Dr. Balogh’s responsibilities after assuming the post of WBFed Medical Advisor at this years’ WBFed World Convention in Tirana, Albania. At this convention, Dr. Balogh also conducted a successful Medical Seminar.

“I believe with our new medical guidelines the World Boxing Federation now has probably the best elaborated medical standards in the whole world, possibly matched only by the Nevada State Athletic Commission,” said Dr. Balogh, who also works for the German Boxing Federation (BDB) and is a practicing surgeon for over 20 years, “however, this is not to say that other organization, roughly spoken, allow blind fighters to box, just that we at the WBFed want to see all medical rules and regulations set in a most clear and precise way.”

All ringside physicians at WBFed championship fights are requested to carefully study the General Medical Guidelines and adhere to them. Besides fighters and trainers certainly benefitting from doing the same prior to boxing for World Boxing Federation titles, all boxing physicians and national commissions worldwide are invited to make use of the General Medical Guidelines for the betterment of the sport.

“Without question, Dr. Balogh has done an outstanding job so far and his work is further proof that the World Boxing Federation desires to become a serious force in world boxing,” WBFed president Howard Goldberg of South Africa commented.

All ringside physicians and/or commissions are cordially invited to correspond respectively ask questions of Dr. Balogh via email

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